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Electric Supply Products

mc² has the risk management formula to fit your business needs.

mc² is uniquely positioned to offer you a broad range of choices to help you manage the inherent price volatility in today’s wholesale electricity markets. Whatever your risk tolerance is, mc² has a product that is just right for you.

Whether you want the cost certainty that our mc² Fixed Rate provides, the ability to take advantage of potentially lower electricity prices that mc² Index offers, or the flexibility of our mc² Choice solution, we can help you mitigate the risks from electricity price volatility with a custom plan to fit the unique needs of your business.

mc² Fixed Rate

With mc² Fixed Rate, you lock in the rate you pay for electricity during the term of your service agreement. This plan is ideal for businesses who want protection against the volatility of changing wholesale electricity prices. No matter what happens with market prices, you achieve peace of mind with price stability, and benefit from the ability to forecast your energy budget with greater accuracy.

mc² Index

Under the mc² Index product, your electricity usage is tied to the market-based price. The price you pay fluctuates with the wholesale market based on an independently published, hourly index rate. By being tied to the market index, you have the opportunity to benefit when wholesale electricity prices are reduced. This option is appealing to businesses with a greater appetite for price risk.

mc² Choice

Customize how you purchase electricity supply with mc² Choice, our risk management product. We can help you manage your risk tolerance with a plan that combines the price certainty of our mc² Fixed Rate product while achieving the potential cost savings of the mc² Index option. This plan is ideal for businesses who want to be partially exposed to market-price volatility while hedging the remainder of their electricity load at a fixed rate.

As part of the mc² Choice product, mc² offers an energy price cap to benefit customers who wish to limit their exposure to upward market-price fluctuations. With the mc² cap option, you have the opportunity to take advantage of lower market-based rates during periods of reduced demand, while maintaining protection should the index-based rate for electricity supply rise significantly.