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Case Studies: mc² Residential Case Study

Jill K. Family

Elmhurst, Illinois

Seamless Switch


Jill and her husband, Matt, had heard from friends and neighbors in their Elmhurst, Ill.-subdivision: Illinois residents like themselves could save on their home electricity bills by switching to mc². The couple wanted to manage electricity costs for their 3,600-square-foot home — complete with central air conditioning, an outdoor pool, and the typical electronic devices associated with raising two children. But a history of extended power outages in their community made Jill and Matt skeptical about dealing with a new and unrecognized supplier: Would the switch be worth the effort? Would ComEd treat them differently if they bought their power from someone else? How would service issues be resolved.


Jill and Matt talked with neighbors who had already signed on with mc². These neighbors were very happy with the results and the switch was seamless. Getting the facts about the deregulated Illinois energy market eased their concerns about switching from ComEd:

  • ComEd no longer generates power and has no financial interest in which supplier their customers choose.
  • ComEd will treat all customers equally, regardless of their choice of service provider.
  • ComEd continues to deliver electricity to all customers.
  • ComEd handles all service issues for wires, poles and outage restoration.
  • ComEd still sends your electricity bill. The mc² supply and transmission services will replace those currently included in the Electricity and Supply portion of your bill.

mc² offers a customized supply price based on actual household. Jill and Matt received a custom quote by visiting and entering their account number from their ComEd bill. They chose a plan that works best for them.

“All we had to do was go online and click a link,” Jill said. “It really was easy and seamless.”

Jill and Matt signed on to mc² in October 2011, and saw actual results in their next billing cycle. They saved $62.71 on their December bill. Compared to the ComEd rate, the savings was especially surprising, since Jill loves to decorate their house with seasonal lights. “We usually see a spike in our December electricity bill – but not last year,” she said.

When compared to the ComEd Rate, Jill and Matt have saved for more than $1,200 on their electricity bill between October 2011 and December 2013.

Aside from saving money, nothing else has changed by switching their electricity supply to mc². “Our bills still come from ComEd, but now say ‘electricity supplied by mc²,’” Jill said, “If we hadn’t seen that – and our savings – we wouldn’t have noticed a difference.” Once a skeptic, Jill now shares this advice to friends, family, and neighbors who have asked her opinion about switching to mc²: “I tell them it’s a no-brainer: My family is saving money,” she said. “That’s the only change we’ve seen.”