Customer Testimonials

Hear From Our Customers

Les, Arlington Heights, IL

“I always mention mc² as a viable option. When I saw how simple it was to sign up for the program, I actually did it within minutes.”

Jill, Elmhurst, IL

“It really was easy and seamless.”

Jill and her husband, Matt, wanted to manage electricity costs for their 3,600-square-foot home — complete with central air conditioning, an outdoor pool, and the typical electronic devices associated with raising two children. But a history of extended power outages in their community made Jill and Matt skeptical about dealing with a new and unrecognized supplier: Would the switch be worth the effort? Would the utility treat them differently if they bought their power from someone else?

Jill and Matt talked with neighbors who had already signed on with mc². These neighbors were very happy with the results and the switch was seamless.

“All we had to do was go online and click a link,” Jill said.

Jill and Matt have been with mc² since October 2011 and are very happy with their choice. The switch was easy and there has been no change in the way the utility treats them. Aside from saving money, nothing else has changed by switching their electricity supply to mc².

“Our bills still come from the utility, but now say ‘Supply – MC Squared Energy Service’. If we hadn’t seen that – and our savings – we wouldn’t have noticed a difference.“