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Why switch to mc²?

  • You may qualify for our Guaranteed Energy Savings Program – a guaranteed savings off applicable utility electricity supply charges each month.
  • We can tell you how much you’ll save in less than a minute.
  • All qualified customers will be offered savings. If we can’t offer you savings – we’ll tell you.
  • You can see exactly what you saved when you get your bill each month.
  • No sign-up fees.
  • No early termination fees.
  • No change to your electricity billing process (you will still receive only one monthly bill from your electric utility).

What does deregulation mean in Illinois?

  • You can choose the company that provides your electricity supply service.
  • The utility continues to deliver electricity to all customers.
  • The utility continues to be responsible for electricity wires, poles, and all emergencies – including outage restoration – regardless of your supplier choice.
  • You will continue to receive one bill from the utility, with the mc² electricity supply charges, along with your savings, included.
  • The utility must treat all customers equally, regardless of their choice of service provider.

Take Control

Research your options:

  • mc² offers a guaranteed savings off the electricity supply charges as compared to the utility supply charges with our Guaranteed Energy Savings product.
  • mc² will tell you if you can save or if the utility supply rate is a better option.
  • mc² will tell you the amount you saved each month.
  • mc² has no early termination fees – you can choose to return to the utility at any time without penalty.

Make an informed decision:

  • mc² is a local Chicago-based company, certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission and ComEd, serving thousands of customers in Illinois.
  • mc² has the highest customer service rating as reported by the Illinois Commerce Commission.
  • mc²'s offer is unique and will provide the same savings percentage off applicable utility supply charges for the entire contract term—no matter how much those utility charges rise or fall.

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