What is the EcoGreen Power Program?

MC Squared Energy Services (mc²) offers a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint, contribute less to pollution and climate change, and use renewable electricity without the costly installation of solar panels or risk of a long-term commitment. The mc² EcoGreen Power Program makes it easy to take action by choosing an electricity program backed by 100% Wind Renewable Energy Certificates(RECs) certified by Green-e, the trusted global leader in clean energy certification.

For an explanation of what a REC is, please Click Here

Proven Results in the US for the ten years ending 2022:

  • Coal based generation has been reduced by 45% *
  • Wind based generation has increased by 308% **
  • Wind energy helps to reduce our carbon footprint ***

How do RECs work? SO2 = Sulfur Dioxide | NOx = Nitrogen Oxide | CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

* EIA Table 3.1.A (2012 - 2022 Generation Data)
**EIA Table 3.1.B (2012 - 2022 Generation Data)
*** EIA Table 9.1 (2012 - 2022 Emissions Data)
How do RECs work?

You can really make a difference when you choose mc²'s EcoGreen Power Program
It really makes a difference to be green.
Just one average household using 12,000 kWh of electricity per year can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by the following equivalent amounts by choosing the mc² EcoGreen Power Program.

What difference will YOU make? What difference will YOU make?

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